Why Is Anything Important?

Most of our life is spent doing things that we consider to be important to us,  it gives us our drive and motivation to consider what we do important. The thing is, almost all the time, the criteria for doing something important is preset in our mind or a call from our body, we often run on auto pilot. When we ask for the reason behind the reason, all of a sudden we run from a totally different set of criteria, the original auto pilot “important” becomes an applied decision. We set the criteria. So, in a nut shell, or indeed in a clam shell (that will depend on your shell preference), something is important either because we choose it to be, or auto pilot mind and body tell us it is. The difference is auto pilot runs you, setting your own list of importants means the conscious considered you runs you.

Something is only important if you decide it is. One mans important is another’s unimportant.  So anything is both important and unimportant at the same time, it simply is. The power is with the decision maker. The truth is, if you remove yourself from anything in life (an experience or a potential experience), it has no importance unless you give it importance. Therefore it has no power over you unless you grant it power, if auto pilot gives you a huge emotional dilemma, change the default settings to- really not that important in the scheme of things, problems become quickly rationalised. If there is major disharmony in any situation, the way to create harmony is to change something in that situation. If you are running on auto pilot and a situation is causing prolonged disharmony, stress increases, resentment, stubbornness, competitiveness, pride, greed and ill thought out, spur of the moment, emotionally charged reactions are all likely to be at play. Auto pilot can lead to all of these things as it deals with a short term importance, conscious “important” criteria decision making, removes the importance of anything and lets you go back to a base level where you decide for yourself what level of importance you grant something. Once you have mentally got to the base level of no importance with a situation, you have stripped it of all power over you, you now have the power to plot a harmonious path forward, free from the shackles of all potentially disharmonious conditions, stress, resentment, stubbornness, competitiveness, pride, greed and emotionally charged spur of the moment reactions. You consciously set a course of action and a level of importance on that situation based on how important you logically decide it needs to be to create harmony.

To get to the base level of no importance is really not so hard, how fast our lives whizz by, is absolutely anything worth getting too upset about, what an incredible waste of time being upset is!

If you don’t set your list of importants, you are a reactionary entity to circumstance, desire and outside influence, if you set your list of importants you are a creative entity, you deliberately and carefully plot your path through life. You make life what you want, life isn’t something that happens to you.

The old pearl of being reactive or being creative comes into play. Take the c from reactive and place it as the first letter, reaCtive is now Creative. It’s anagramatastic! And no doubt a little gem of wisdom deliberately written into our language in my opinion.

So, why is anything important? Because you say it is!