Alex John creates energy rich contemporary colourscapes executed with a recognisable, vibrant and textured style reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism.  Branching into landscape, still life and figurative compositions, Alex John’s work consistently portrays his unique energetic and atmospheric reflections of the organic sources of his inspiration.

Sculptural work predominantly in metal emphasise the skeleton like structures and elegant  architectural forms found in nature.  The strength yet subtlety of finish metal makes possible means it is an ideal medium to powerfully bring Alex John’s visions to form.  He was influenced by his studies of the rich colours and giant simplified forms in Georgia O’Keeffe’s work and the thick and heavy use of texture in the work of Frank Auerbach.  His love of the beautiful English countryside shines through his work in his skilful use of a variety of mediums.

Alex John discovered his passion for painting in his mid teens.  After completing his art, design and photography studies in 2001 his dream of painting professionally began to take shape. From working in a small garage space at the back of his childhood home, he began taking commissions and exhibiting in a local gallery. By the age of 21 Alex John graduated to his current large studio space enabling him to work on an expansive scale and use the space as a gallery to showcase work. As well as participating in group exhibitions and exhibiting with high street galleries.

Alex John Art Gallery
Unit 8 Loddington Farm, Loddington Lane, Linton
Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4AG

07999 786785
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