The Journey is the destination…

I Know many people, most people I know in fact, that spend an awful lot of their time doing something they don’t really want to do, usually with an slightly amplified speed and exertion in order to get through the task at hand ultimately to arrive at a more relaxed and enjoyable window of time and experience.

Fair enough! It’s just that when the majority of one’s daily life is some level of endurance punctuated by brief windows of pleasurable time then one’s life by definition is somewhat of an endurance the vast majority of the time.

I’ve found myself living this way far too often. Every day has to be weighted more in a certain level of enjoyment of one’s tasks than an endurance of them. It is the difference between happiness or not! Optimism or pessimism! Have you ever met a depressed optimist? I haven’t! As ever the state of mind pre sets the response to external conditions.

The process is where satisfaction is experienced, the end is just before the beginning of a new process.

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